5 More Minutes by Bryan Fowler, review

ABOUT THE PUBLICATION: “5 more minutes” is an original and nicely made horror comic by Bryan Fowler. The story is about a supernatural hunter that is sent to deal with the real Halloween creatures that stay out past their cerfew.


ABOUT THE ARTIST: “5 more minutes” is made by Bryan Fowler, who loves to paint comics digitally and in oils.


REVIEW: Bryan Fowler does not only have an interesting and unique concept in his little horror comic here – he’s also got great skills to pick out the right mood in the panels.

The story could easily open for upcoming projects. I have to say it would be great to see this character in upcoming issues, and the story is quite addictive and easy to get into. Hopefully, this won’t be the only issue of “5 more minutes”.


“5 More Minutes” at Indyplanet

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