A Violent end, Horror comic review

ABOUT THE PUBLICATION: “A Violent End” is written and illustrated by Vinton Heuck, Eric Canete, Mike Docherty, and Armando Gill. In this horror comic you get three dark tales of human frailty that span the far reaches of space, the supernatural, and the recesses of the human heart.


ABOUT THE ARTISTS: Few things to be found about the creators. Vinton Heuck seems to be currently working as a storyboard artist for “The Batman” animated series.


REVIEW: “A Violent End” brings a pretty nice noir horror comic with some sci-fi elements thrown into the mix. The artwork is really good, and that goes for all the three stories. While all the three stories are drawn by different artists, they’re all written by Vinton.

“A Violent End” is a nice compilation of short stories, and if you like film noir you should definitively check this one out. As a word of caution, I’d like to not recommend the Kindle version of the book sold by Amazon. The text becomes so small you can barely read it. Therefore, I’m only lisiting the Indyplanet link under availability.


“A Violent End” at Indyplanet


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