Horror comic anthology: “Anxiety 1″

ABOUT THE PUBLICATION: “Anxiety” is a self-published horror comic anthology created by a Norwegian artist called Tomte. This first album in the series contains two stories: “Nameless”: a romantic vampire horror comic with a macabre ending, and “Witchboard”: the story about a group of teenagers who unknowingly use a witchboard to unleash the wrath of Death himself.


ABOUT THE ARTIST: Tomte is a Norwegian horror comic artists born in 1982. Have been published by several publishers in Norway, but does for the most part self-publishing these days. In this publication, both stories have been written by Jonas Larsen.


REVIEW: I have seen few artists having the skills to combine black & white inking as delicately and detailed as Tomte. In every panel, the shading is done in a perfect way to highlight the contrasts and creating the perfect mood. It’s dark, creepy, sinister, and gothic.

While the first story have a romantic feel overall, at least until the bloody ending, the gothic feeling over it gives a creepy atmosphere right from the start. While the second story, “Witchboard”, is more of a slasher-type one with a pretty gory result, and a really fun read for all horror enthusiasts.

The issue also contains a few illustrations by Tomte. You can also see more of the artist’s works on his own website Tomte’s horror and gothic artwork!


“Anxiety 1″ in Tomte’s webshop

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