“Pigeons from Hell” horror comic review

STORY: In this new spin on the old Robert E. Howard classic, we follow a group of young people where two sisters have inherited an old mansion out in the swamplands: the old Blassenville house. One of their friends falls through the rotten stairs and his leg is broken, and they end up being forced to stay the night in the old, creepy house…


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Joe R. Lansdale is born in 1951, who have been the author of works as Bubba Ho-Tep, The Nightrunners, and The Drive-In. He has written novels in many genres. The artist is Nathan Fox, born in Washington in the mid 70′s, and have been working on several comic projects. Dave Stewart, a colorist that has worked for Dark Horse Comics, DC Comics and Marvel Comics, has done the coloring.


REVIEW: Joe R. Lansdale puts a new spin on the old classic “Pigeons from Hell” by Robert E. Howard. It’s a skillfull adaption which puts in humor, suspense, atmosphere, horror…and gore.

It’s not that it is especially original or anything – it’s a pretty common “oh hey, this house we inherited was haunted!” type of story with typical elements of a teen-slasher thrown into the mix with a supernatural killer as the villain. But the atmosphere and overall creepiness sticks from start to finish, and leaves off a really decent horror comic that I just have to recommend, wether you’ve read the original Howard version or not.



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