Anything Ghost graphic horror comic novel

“Anything Ghost” is a graphic horror comic anthology. In this volume, there’s five selected stories from the “Anything Ghost” show, and they includes the original stories as they were heard on the show.

Since 2006, The Anything Ghost Show has been a popular forum for people all over the world to share their personal paranormal experiences. This horror comics are perfect for ghost enthusiasts and fans of the classic EC comics.

The pages are in black & white, and the first volume contains 94 pages.

Written and Illustrated by Chris Burke (Art), Kent Burles (Art), Shane Kirshenblatt (Art), Andrew Kwan (Art), Vince Sunico (Art), Lex Wahl (Stories).

Some preview pages are included below. Go to Indyplanet for more preview pages and to buy the comic.

Link: “Anything Ghost” at Indyplanet

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