Charnel house #1, horror comic series

“Charnel House #1″ is a horror comic series with several chilling tales of woe and dispair. A character called “Doctor Graves” guides us through four stories in this first issue:

“Out Of The Woods” begins the story at a nineteenth century English pub, where a traveler learns of a local legend haunting the forest nearby. Will the traveler learn the truth or become part of the legend?

“A Chance Find” takes place during the tumultuous times of Napoleonic France. Two body thieves stumble across a dead body floating in the river Seine.

In “Saint James” a drifter comes to town in this story set in the American Old West. Although he’s searching for his partner, he finds more than he bargained.

And in the last story, “The Vandal King”, the Roman Empire is under siege by a massive army. What can an emperor do to save his people?

Link: Charnel House #1 at ComixPress

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