Charnel house #1, horror comic series

“Charnel House #1″ is a horror comic series with several chilling tales of woe and dispair. A character called “Doctor Graves” guides us through four stories in this first issue:

“Out Of The Woods” begins the story at a nineteenth century English pub, where a traveler learns of a local legend haunting the forest nearby. Will the traveler learn the truth or become part of the legend?

“A Chance Find” takes place during the tumultuous times of Napoleonic France. Two body thieves stumble across a dead body floating in the river Seine.

In “Saint James” a drifter comes to town in this story set in the American Old West. Although he’s searching for his partner, he finds more than he bargained.

And in the last story, “The Vandal King”, the Roman Empire is under siege by a massive army. What can an emperor do to save his people?

Link: Charnel House #1 at ComixPress

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Anything Ghost graphic horror comic novel

“Anything Ghost” is a graphic horror comic anthology. In this volume, there’s five selected stories from the “Anything Ghost” show, and they includes the original stories as they were heard on the show.

Since 2006, The Anything Ghost Show has been a popular forum for people all over the world to share their personal paranormal experiences. This horror comics are perfect for ghost enthusiasts and fans of the classic EC comics.

The pages are in black & white, and the first volume contains 94 pages.

Written and Illustrated by Chris Burke (Art), Kent Burles (Art), Shane Kirshenblatt (Art), Andrew Kwan (Art), Vince Sunico (Art), Lex Wahl (Stories).

Some preview pages are included below. Go to Indyplanet for more preview pages and to buy the comic.

Link: “Anything Ghost” at Indyplanet

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The Walking Dead: Compendium One

“The Walking Dead: Compendium One” is a collection of Volumes 1 through 8. It continues the story of former Police Officer Rick Grimes and his band of normal-world-refugees across a world suddenly infected by a Walking Dead sickness.

This zombie horror comic develops and becomes a story that’s less about zombies and more about what happens to a society and its morals when shit like this happens. The comic series portrays heartfelt emotion and struggles with believable scenarios. “The Walking Dead” horror comics are brutal and surprising, and should give lots of value for all zombie horror fans. Robert Kirkman’s “The Walking Dead” is a real pick-up!

This should be available for sale at most shops, including Amazon.

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Nightmares and Fairy Tales Volume 1: Once Upon a Time

The first volume of Nightmares & Fairy Tales is filled with dark twists on classic fairy tales.

Everything is seen through the eyes of Annabelle, a little rag doll who struggles with understanding her role in the wicked world she’s trapped in. She witnesses horrible fates of her various owners, and she starts fearing she may be cursed. But some people can hear the warnings she’s trying to tell them, and she figures she might be able to protect people after all.

The first collection contains a varied mix. There’s vampires and witches, and a gothic dark feeling overall throughout this horror comic series. The series is written by Serena Valentino, the writer of “Gloomcookie”.


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Billy Majestic’s Humpty Dumpty horror comic

This is an upcoming horror comic, adapting the feature film!

The story is about two backwoods brothers who ambush a landing party of extraterrestrial beings on their swampland, killing the males and taking the lone female captive. After months of torturous imprisonment and rape, she becomes impregnated by one of the sadistic brothers, and dies giving birth to a monstrous, half-alien, half-human, egg-shaped creature with extraterrestrial powers and bent on bloody revenge – HUMPTY DUMPTY!

Written by Billy Majestic with blood-curdling art by Jordan Joranov.

The release date is October 2011.

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