Horror comic anthology: “Anxiety 1″

ABOUT THE PUBLICATION: “Anxiety” is a self-published horror comic anthology created by a Norwegian artist called Tomte. This first album in the series contains two stories: “Nameless”: a romantic vampire horror comic with a macabre ending, and “Witchboard”: the story about a group of teenagers who unknowingly use a witchboard to unleash the wrath of Death himself.


ABOUT THE ARTIST: Tomte is a Norwegian horror comic artists born in 1982. Have been published by several publishers in Norway, but does for the most part self-publishing these days. In this publication, both stories have been written by Jonas Larsen.


REVIEW: I have seen few artists having the skills to combine black & white inking as delicately and detailed as Tomte. In every panel, the shading is done in a perfect way to highlight the contrasts and creating the perfect mood. It’s dark, creepy, sinister, and gothic.

While the first story have a romantic feel overall, at least until the bloody ending, the gothic feeling over it gives a creepy atmosphere right from the start. While the second story, “Witchboard”, is more of a slasher-type one with a pretty gory result, and a really fun read for all horror enthusiasts.

The issue also contains a few illustrations by Tomte. You can also see more of the artist’s works on his own website Tomte’s horror and gothic artwork!


“Anxiety 1″ in Tomte’s webshop

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“Frankenstein Alive, Alive!” Upcoming release

Life is good! Dead is better!

IDW Publishing has something promising going on with their upcoming horror comic release “Frankenstein Alive, Alive!”. Both Bernie Wrightson and Steve Niles have been teaming up on this one, and as both of these are rather iconic names in the horror industry, this just has to be good.

No new release information about this, but we’ll try to keep you updated!


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A Violent end, Horror comic review

ABOUT THE PUBLICATION: “A Violent End” is written and illustrated by Vinton Heuck, Eric Canete, Mike Docherty, and Armando Gill. In this horror comic you get three dark tales of human frailty that span the far reaches of space, the supernatural, and the recesses of the human heart.


ABOUT THE ARTISTS: Few things to be found about the creators. Vinton Heuck seems to be currently working as a storyboard artist for “The Batman” animated series.


REVIEW: “A Violent End” brings a pretty nice noir horror comic with some sci-fi elements thrown into the mix. The artwork is really good, and that goes for all the three stories. While all the three stories are drawn by different artists, they’re all written by Vinton.

“A Violent End” is a nice compilation of short stories, and if you like film noir you should definitively check this one out. As a word of caution, I’d like to not recommend the Kindle version of the book sold by Amazon. The text becomes so small you can barely read it. Therefore, I’m only lisiting the Indyplanet link under availability.


“A Violent End” at Indyplanet


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5 More Minutes by Bryan Fowler, review

ABOUT THE PUBLICATION: “5 more minutes” is an original and nicely made horror comic by Bryan Fowler. The story is about a supernatural hunter that is sent to deal with the real Halloween creatures that stay out past their cerfew.


ABOUT THE ARTIST: “5 more minutes” is made by Bryan Fowler, who loves to paint comics digitally and in oils.


REVIEW: Bryan Fowler does not only have an interesting and unique concept in his little horror comic here – he’s also got great skills to pick out the right mood in the panels.

The story could easily open for upcoming projects. I have to say it would be great to see this character in upcoming issues, and the story is quite addictive and easy to get into. Hopefully, this won’t be the only issue of “5 more minutes”.


“5 More Minutes” at Indyplanet

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“Pigeons from Hell” by Scott Hampton, review

STORY: Scott Hampton’s Pigeons From Hell is adapted from the classic Robert E. Howard short story, and while there have been other adaptions based on it (like the one by Joe R. Lansdale) Hampton’s version follow the original story pretty close. Two New Englanders decides to spend the night in a deserted plantation manor. After getting to sleep, one of them, Griswell, awakens to see the other walk up the stairs and into the dark…like in a trance. As a loud thump is heard upstairs, Griswell can see his friend return back down the stairs…but no longer alive, but as an animated corpse gripping the bloody axe that had split his skull. Griswell flees the house in a blind panic and runs aimlessly into the woods where he meets a sheriff on horse, and they go back to the mansion to solve the mystery…


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Scott Hampton is a comic book artist born in 1959, who is rather well known for his painted artwork.


REVIEW: The old tale by Robert E. Howard is one that, despite the age, never really seems to grow old. It’s a classic tale that holds a high level of suspense and sheer horror. It isn’t a complex one – but yet the more effective. Scott Hampton’s painted artwork suits the story so well, and builds up the tension even more.

As the story starts with Griswell awakening on the dreadful place, you get a short flashback story telling how he and his companion decided to sleep over at the mansion. There are some truly beautifully painted pictures of the mansion there. Very dark, but extremely atmospheric…and creepy. The pictures of the stairs are also well drawn, blending light and colors in a way where you can, just like the main character, barely see something on top…but just barely.

I will highly recommend this comic to all horror fans. And if you get your hands on it – don’t just watch it. Read it. The story is bound to get under your skin in a very effective way.

There are several ways to get your hand on this comic. It was originally released in 1988, but was also re-released in a compilation-series called “Spookhouse” (featured in volume 2).


“Pigeons from Hell” at Amazon

“Spookhouse 2″ at Amazon

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